Pool Openings/Closings

Maintenance Services: Pool Openings & Closings

Vital to the success of your outdoor oasis, pool opening and closing services are best performed by a Central NJ pool professional. With years of pool expertise, Riverview provides efficient, seasonal service that preserves the safety and performance of your residential swimming pool.

Central NJ Pool Opening

Pool opening services include:

  • Cleaning, removal and storage of winter safety cover
  • Inspection and installation of pool equipment and accessories
  • Vacuuming to remove winter debris
  • Startup of circulation system
  • Brushing of walls and floor
  • Water testing and shocking of pool water
  • Cleaning and scrubbing of pool sidewalk

Central NJ Pool Closing

Pool closings include:

  • Removal of water to winter levels
  • Removal and storage of equipment and accessories
  • Winterization of equipment and underground water lines
  • Adding proper winterization chemicals and antifreeze
  • Installation of winter safety cover

Appropriate opening and closing measures—coupled with ongoing maintenance—reduce the need for costly mid-season pool service and chemical remediation. Streamlining pool ownership for Central NJ homeowners, the Riverview Pools team becomes a trusted partner for the life of your pool!