We no longer install new, inground pools. 

We still service, maintain, and renovate existing inground pools.

Custom Pools to Enhance Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Renewing your spirit and improving your fitness level, a custom swimming pool is a powerful addition to any leisure lifestyle. It’s a private lagoon for tanning, toning, unwinding and socializing—and a smart investment in your New Jersey home.

Researchers continually explore the health benefits of water. Aside from enhancing your landscape, Riverview swimming pools offer a number of proven advantages:

  • Improved fitness and cardiovascular health
  • Buoyant support that lowers injury risk
  • Healing stress relief that soothes after a long day
  • Opportunity to gather with friends and family

Riverview Pools & Liners is the region’s leading source of custom, in-ground vinyl-lined swimming pools in Central NJ. Priding ourselves on service excellence, we guarantee quality workmanship, enduring products—and lasting customer relationships. For a lifetime of rest, relaxation and fun, Riverview is the best choice. Contact us to begin work on your new oasis.