Process & Timelines

The Riverview Pool Process

With years of experience, our team has refined its process to be efficient and hassle free. Below is a detailed timeline of what you can expect during your Riverview Pools installation.

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Congratulations! You have decided to purchase a pool from Riverview Pools. The first step is to select a design, location and start date. During our initial meeting, we work with you to (1) make product and placement decisions, and (2) finalize installation procedures. After the meeting, we complete necessary paperwork for your township and permit applications. Following permit approval, work begins. The following is an approximate day-by-day timeline.


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The Riverview team confirms your pool’s location and options while digging equipment arrives. Once your final approval is given, we excavate the hole for the pool. By the end of the day, the hole is complete and the walls and A-frames are up and ready for the first inspection.


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The inspector approves the walls and A-frames. After this inspection, our technicians pour the concrete footing (collar) around the walls and construct the floor from a mix of concrete and vermiculate. After pouring, we are ready for the collar inspection.


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The inspector approves the footing (collar) around the walls. Backfill begins and the liner is installed. After installing the linter, the pool must be immediately filled to the bottom of the light. It is now ready for the electrician.


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The electrician arrives to bond (ground) the pool. At this point, he may wait for the inspector to arrive—or he might finish the electrical work on the trenches and panels. The inspector must approve the bonding before the pool can be filled to the top.


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Upon completion of the electrical work, we start the pump, check that all equipment works properly, and add initial chemicals to the water. If the pool is built in the fall, this step will be performed in the spring.


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Once the pool is operational, our team schedules a two to three hour meeting with you. During this time, we confirm that the pool is functioning properly and that the set-up is correct. Then, we (1) go over proper pool care and required chemicals, (2) talk about pool safety, and (3) discuss the timeline for pool deck completion. If the pool is built in the fall, this step will be performed in the spring.


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The ground around your pool has now settled, and the pool deck can be installed. The timeline for this process is more flexible, and often related to the weather. If the season is rainy, the ground may settle faster. Settling can also be related to the evenness of the ground. Level earth settles at a consistent speed, while uneven ground settles at varying speeds. Uneven soil often takes longer to settle.

Many pool owners will choose to have their pool constructed in the fall, allowing the ground to settle during winter for maximum soil compaction. Then, the pool deck can be completed during the spring after the weather warms.


Timeline Changes

Please keep in mind that some circumstances will delay the pool installation process. These include:

  • Non-solid ground
  • High water table
  • Solid rock
  • Rain or snow
  • Inspector delays and cancellations

We do everything we can to avoid these delays, and if they occur—we work to resolve them as quickly as possible.