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Quality. Service. Lasting Relationships.

When you partner with Riverview Pools & Liners, you are investing in a lasting relationship with your pool service provider.  Promising a quality, timely job, our team of pool specialists is committed to your satisfaction during any project phase or service.

Service offerings include:

  • Pool Openings and Closings: As the seasons change, special attention should be given to your pool. To prolong the life of your backyard oasis, we close the pool in fall to protect it from weather damage—and open it during spring to prepare for summer pool use.
  • Safety Cover Installation: Covering your pool reduces maintenance, protects against leaves and debris, saves money, and safeguards the pool area during winter.
  • Vinyl Liner Replacement: Over time, even the most high-quality vinyl liners suffer damage from sunlight, chemicals and temperature fluctuations. Common problems include bleaching or pattern wear, which makes the pool look older than it is. By replacing the liner, your swimming pool will regain the attractive look that your backyard deserves.
  • Vinyl-Lined Pool Renovations: From liners to equipment replacement and major repairs, we help you maintain year-round pool functionality, beauty and safety.
  • Pool Inspections:We offer pool inspections on all types of in-ground pools. From Concrete, fiberglass to vinyl lined, we’ll provide you with a full detailed inspection of your pool’s condition.
    • Providing pool installations, ongoing maintenance and major repairs, Riverview Pools & Liners delivers quality service, lasting products and continued support. With expertise in a range of aquatic brands and products, Riverview Pools is also an authorized


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To schedule a consultation or learn more about our offerings, call 908.722.8890 today!